Stew's Views: Day Four

Saturday's WVU football practice brought intensity that head coach Bill Stewart had not yet seen during the spring. The fourth day of practice was the first time that the Mountaineers got to see time in full pad, and the racheting up of emotions was evident.

"That was fun," said Stewart. "I was excited. We came out and started with the victory drill. That's old time football. That's where the whole program is based on. It was good to see. I was glad to see how enthusiastic we were when we were hitting. The inside drill looked good. That was some good stuff today. It was fun to see us get in full pads and hit each other."

The Mountaineer offense worked on redeeming itself on Saturday after being scolded by Stewart following Friday's practice. The offense had some break out performers in the persons of senior wide receivers Wes Lyons and Carmen Connolly.

"There was a lot of good today, but we have a long row to hoe," admitted Stewart. "It's going to be a tough spring. I was pleased to see some physical play from both sides today, only yesterday; I saw total defensive domination and the offense came back and fought a little bit today. Wes Lyons, you all saw him; I thought that he made big catches today. I thought Carmen Connolly just made two really tremendous plays and kept the drive alive. At the end of practice things got a little intense, when I told them they were going to have to do up-downs. I think they got a little shaken, but offense won that goal line drill."

For the third time this week, the defense snatched up an interception. Stewart chose to praise the defense rather than fault freshman quarterback Coley White.

"Najee Goode's interception would have been a touchdown," said Stewart. "He broke on the ball and was reading the quarterback's eyes. When I saw Coley (White) let the ball go, I didn't know if he could get to it, but boy he got to it. That was good to see from Najee. Najee Goode is a fine young man and a tough guy. The spring is big for Coley. He is going to need to step up and get better everyday. You can't master the entire game in a day or a week in the spring. What you need to do, is to become a jack-of-all-trades and you need to learn the running game, the protections and everything else, then you need to get better everyday."

As always, Stewart had nothing but praise for senior quarterback Jarrett Brown. WVU's offensive signalcaller had an excellent day of decision-making and throwing the ball.

"The guy throwing the ball, Jarrett Brown pitched it around really well," said Stewart. "Jarrett Brown continued to excel today. I heard the coaches telling him in the meeting this morning to just take care of the ball, and he did a nice job. Today, I was pleased with the way that he took care of the ball."

Scooter Berry returned for the second day after missing the first two days of practice. Stewart was likewise pleased with the play of the defensive line stalwart.

"I saw Scooter Berry banging around in there pretty good, he brings a lot to the table," said Stewart. "Scooter is back in practice and has fulfilled his team obligations with 6 a.m. workouts. He was never on a short leash, but he was close to the (dog) pound. But he is ok now, and he has earned the right to wear the old gold and blue."

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