First Look

A western Pennsylvania quarterback with a Mountaineer background made his first trip to a major college campus on Saturday, and liked what he saw.

Ty-Meer Brown had heard all about West Virginia from his father, Tim, who was a linebacker and team captain for the Mountaineers from 1992-93. However, even with that, he was still excited to make his initial visit to a Division I school, and that fact that it came on his father's old stomping grounds was just a bonus.

"We saw the stadium, and the Hall of Fame there, and that was some big time stuff," said Brown as he related his activities on West Virginia's junior day. "Then we talked to the coaches, and later we went downtown to see the campus. My dad showed me all the places where he used to hang out. He showed me the student lounge, and the places where he used to take classes. It was great, and I really want to go back."

Tim, of course, was a leader on West Virginia's Sugar Bowl team, and he has talked to Ty-Meer extensively about his college experience. Still, the younger Brown found a lot that was new on his trip to the West Virginia campus.

"I really didn't know what to expect, since it was my first trip to a major college campus. I liked it a lot, and I can't wait to go back."

Brown won't have long to wait, as he plans to return for West Virginia's spring game, as well as to WVU's football camp on June 21.

"I talked to the offensive coordinator, Jeff Mullen, and I talked to Doc Holliday too. They wanted me to come back on in June, and I will definitely go back for the spring game too."

West Virginia isn't the only school showing interest in Brown, who is a heady quarterback that keys McKeesport's triple option attack. Georgia Tech, which runs a similar scheme, is trying to get a visit from the well-spoken junior, and Michigan State has also expressed interest. He does not have any official offers yet, but believes they will come once he shows what he can do during camp sessions and his senior season.

In McKeesport's offense, Brown threw the ball fewer than two dozen times as a junior, and he knows that has likely lessened interest from some teams. However, he thinks that his team will open up the offense some this year, and give him the chance to showcase his passing ability.

"We didn't throw it a lot last year, but I would like to throw the ball more. This is our coach's last season, and we have a lot of talent coming back on offense, so I think we will throw it some more this year. I know colleges haven't seen me throw the ball much, but I am confident I can throw it in college."

Brown knows that will be a tall task, and he knows the realities of gaining notice as a senior.

"I know I will have to step that part of my game up, and really improve all aspects of my game," he said.


Brown thinks his McKeesport team will be able to make another playoff run this year, as it returns a great deal of offensive firepower and some rising defensive stars.

"We lost a lot on defense, but we have some guys there that played a lot last year, so I think we are going to be pretty good."

* * *

Brown was stumped by only one question: the origin of his unique first name.

"I have no clue where my name came from," he said with a laugh. "I'll have to ask my dad about that."

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