Stew's Views: Day 15

West Virginia wrapped up spring practice on Saturday with the annual Gold/Blue game. The 15th and final meeting of the spring put the starters and key reserves against the rest of the squad. It was a different format than used in years past but seemed to work well.

"I thought it was good," head coach Bill Stewart said. " I don't get a chance to get in the flow of the game when it's like this. I'm looking at both sides, instead of just one. People want to see football, and you get better by playing. Some coaches would scrimmage every day if they could. We scrimmage a lot – it brings a toughness to you. The guys want to play – they want to go against the little fellows. I also wanted to bring some bonding to this team. I wanted to go out on a good note. They were cheering for each other – that's what you want to bring out of a game like this."

The game was a chance to showcase some of the younger players and reserves, and redshirt freshman Jordan Roberts stood out as he ran for 77 yards and one touchdown on the day.

"I thought Jordan Roberts ran well out there," said Stewart. "He doesn't care who he plays – he plays. That guy brings it. And when you hit him, you better tackle. That was nice to see. I think he brings toughness. He has great resolve. He is the type of kid that doesn't know that he isn't supposed to play. He has been slamming up in there all spring. That being said, I need to find a place for that kid on our special teams, and I'm going to do that. When he's running down-hill, he will hurt you when you tackle him. He could also be a short-back. He and Ryan Clarke. I don't care if he plays safety or he plays tailback, he needs to be on special teams. He's a very physical young man, and brings a toughness to this program."

Stewart was pleased with both quarterbacks senior Jarrett Brown and freshman Coley White following Saturday's game. Brown completed 21 of 28 passes and had 273 yards of total offense. White completed nine of 13 passes with 65 yards of offense, playing for both the Gold and Blue squads.

"This is Jarrett Brown's team," said Stewart. "He is special. All Jarrett Brown has ever done is win. He is a phenomenal young man. He is a great young man. I hope that he will be blessed by the football gods to have a banner senior year. He deserves it. He wants to make every play, but you have to learn to retreat. There's nothing wrong with a punt. You have to protect the football. We can punt the ball, give it back to them, and make them fumble or pick them. You don't have to be perfect, but sometimes, youngsters think they have to make every play. He's not dangerous, he's not reckless – he's just eager, and he has to be careful."

Stewart had nothing but compliments for White as well.

"I was really pleased to see what he did out there," said Stewart. "He reminded you of someone out there a couple of times when he broke free. I liked the way Coley White moved the offense. I liked the way he kept his pocket presence. I liked the bootleg stuff he was doing. I saw him throw some crossing routes and find the right guy. Coley White matured out there today – it was very nice to see that."

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