Second Round Call

With the 44th pick overall, Pat White went to the Miami Dolphins in the second round of the 2009 NFL draft.

The pick, coming from a team that showed early interest in White, makes sense on several levels. The Dolphins were the first NFL team to run the "Wildcat" formation, featuring a direct snap to a a back in the shotgun, a year ago. The Dolphins certainly appear committed to making the formation a part of their offense, so the selection of a player who can both run and throw after receiving the snap makes sense. White, who showed continued improvement in his passing during his senior season and in post season workouts and combines, would appear poised to add another dimension to the wildcat set.

The Dolphins used running back Ronnie Brown as the director of its wildcat formation a year ago, and at first glance it might seem as if his presence would make it difficult for White to get on the field in tha spot. However, Brown is not a threat to throw the ball, other than in a gadget play setup, so putting White in that position would force defenses to honor the threat of a pass, and thus allow a bit more running room. Of course, Brown is a more physical runner than White, and poses more of a threat running the ball inside.

The pick also raises the possibility of both Brown and White in the backfield for snaps -- a scenario which could cause even more headaches for defenses. With either player able to take a direct snap, the Dolphins could certainly expand the options that they could present in the package.

At the quarterback spot, White faces three players on the roster. Starter Chad Pennington will enter the season as the starter, backed up by John Beck and Chad Henne. While Pennigton's position is certainly safe for the next year or two, White could mount a challenge for the backup spot if given the opportunity to compete there. Whether the Dolphins plan to keep three QBs along with White could signal their intentions for him, at least for the near future.

The Dolphins have one solid receiver in Ernest Wilford and a talented playmaker in Ted Ginn, Jr., but after that their depth is very suspect. Although White certainly wants to compete at quarterback in the NFL, the Dolphins' thin ranks at wide receiver give him another position at which he could possibly make an impact.

Miami used a pick from Washington, that it gained in last year's Jason Taylor trade, to pick White.

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