Visits Pick Up

This Ohio two-way star has been piling up in-home visits during the May recruiting period, and figures to be adding offers during the upcoming camp season.

"Steve Dunlap from West Virginia was in to visit me this week," Lima native Zac Rosenbauer reported. "Jeff Mullen is usually the one that I have been talking to, but he was making some other visits this week, so Coach Dunlap was in."

While in-person contact isn't allowed during this portion of the recruiting calendar, college coaches are allowed to speak with high school coaches and faculty in rounding out their views of high school prospects, and that was the process at Rosenbauer's school this week.

"The coaches can't talk to us directly, but they talked to my high school coach, and he said West Virginia is really interested in me," Rosenbauer related. "They are looking at me on both sides of the ball. They think I could be either a linebacker or a defensive end, and they also said they are evaluating me as an H-Back – that I could be a tight end/fullback type of player.

"I haven't really played that position much before," Rosenbauer continued, "so that's kind of intriguing for me. I did work out some as a fullback and a tight end prior to my junior year, because I was trying to prepare myself for whatever my team needed. This year, I think I will play that position some, as well as defense too. I'm looking forward to that – whatever I can do to play more is fine with me, especially after missing so many games last year."

Rosenbauer, who admits to a bit more comfort on the defensive side of the ball, nevertheless notes that he will do whatever it takes to get on the field. The first step to that is gathering scholarship offers, which he believes will come during the summer camp season.

"West Virginia wants me to come down to their one day camp in June, and I will be going to that," he confirmed. "They've heard my speed numbers, and they want to see me run and move in person. I think that once that happens, they will have a good chance to see me, and think I think an offer will come. They know I'm good to go academically, too."

In addition to WVU, Rosenbauer is receiving interest from Indiana, Ohio State, Ball State, Toledo, and Miami (Ohio). All of those schools have either been in for visits ore are scheduled to do so shortly.

"It is kind of strange having coaches come in when they can't talk to you," Rosenbauer noted. "Some of them schedule visits, and then some just show up, so it can be hard to keep track of them all."

In addition to his camp trip to West Virginia, Rosenbauer has also set camps visits for Northwestern and Ohio State.

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