Beilein Used to Short Preparation Times

After a four day break between the Miami and Georgetown games, Mountaineer head coach John Beilein and his staff will have to prepare for Pitt with only one day off.

"You're gong to have those situations where you don't have enough time to prepare, so you have to use your time wisely," Beilein said on Friday as his team watched film on Georgetown. "It's not something I'm unfamiliar with, though. In Division III, we sometimes had games on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday."

Beilein noted that the Big East scheduled Pitt with the same Saturday-Monday slate, so there's no real disadvatange to his team. And despite the fact that some coaches might be tempted to get a head start on the Monday contest, Beilein is not.

"I don't look ahead, so we don't talk about Pitt at all. We are focusing on Georgetown right now."

That focus has a lot to zoom in on, as the Hoyas present a huge challenge for the Mountaineers in more ways than one.

"It's going to be very difficult for us to defend them and to score on them," Beilein said of the homestanding Hoyas. "They have an advantage in quickness, size, experience, everything. Their strength as much as anything, is their advantage inside."


Although it wasn't NCAA-mandated, Beilein gave his team a day off after the Miami win. The players got togther and went bowling, and while Beilein didn't report the results, he did identify the team's best kegler.

"Kevin Pittsnogle has the best form. I didn't look at the scores, but he's been bowling since he was five. He looked pretty good out there."

* * *

Beilein has been pleased with the way Drew Schifino and Kevin Pittsnogle have worked together and blended their games into the offense, but now he's looking for more players to get involved. One of the methods he's using is the "one more" approach.

"We call it 'one more' because if you can make one more pass to a guy who's a little bit more open than you are, it can really help get everyone involved."

* * *

As if size and strength weren't already a concern, one Mountaineer got a little smaller over the past week. Sophomore forward Tyrone Sally dropped about 10 pounds during his recent illness, which put him under the 190 pound mark. Sally began the season near 200.

* * *

WVU won't have access to the MCI Center on Saturday, so the team will have a morning shootaround at 9:00 a.m. Sunday, return to their hotel, then go back to the MCI for the game.

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