Offer Yields Interest

West Virginia recently made a scholarship offer to a Florida cornerback who already has a bagful of them, but that move put the Mountaineers squarely on his list of colleges that he will visit sometime this year.

Rashad Knight, an outstanding technician at Trinity High School in Jacksonville, Fla., has offers from at least ten schools, and that number has been climbing steadily as more institutions check out his brand of play. When West Virginia came calling with an offer, however, it made the talented athlete take notice.

"I am definitely interested in West Virginia," Knight said after receiving the offer. "I will definitely go for a visit there. That's 100% sure. My first visit there will probably be an unofficial one, and I'm not sure if I will make it there for a camp or not, but it's a place that I want to check out and learn more about.

"I don't know a lot about West Virginia, but I first learned about them some through Boogie Allen, who plays there," he continued. "He went to my high school, and he's come back there to lift and work out with us. His brother, Gus Scott, who played in the NFL, came back and coached us too."

That's one solid tie that could help steer Knight to WVU, but there's another, more modern link that could also push him north.

"I watched West Virginia some when I was younger, but I have always played them on video games. I think I picked them out because they had running quarterbacks, and I liked that on the game. And then, when Pat White was there, I watched them more, and I really started learning who played for them."

While Knight is certainly no different than any other high schooler in terms of his interest in the video world, he has some "old school" in his makeup as well. Due to good coaching, which he is quick to credit, he lists knowledge of the game as one of his strengths on the field.

"My coaches teach me the game well, so I am able to read routes and diagnose plays," he explained. "I have good jamming techniques, too, and I have good feet and good speed. I keep studying, and I keep football as the priority. Recruiting does take some time, but I am keeping my focus on playing."

Knight said that he also plans to visit Michigan, Illinois, Georgia Tech and Wake Forest, but that not all of those visits may be official ones. After a summer where he will attend at least two football camps in his home state (Florida and Florida State) he will then set his list of five official visits.

"I am not ready to narrow it down yet," said Knight, who is taking a methodical approach to his recruitment. "I want to make as many trips and visit as many schools as I can."

Knight finished his junior year with 62 tackles and two interceptions, and added 843 yards on offense as a running back.

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