Camp Days

Morgantown High School's Jeff Allen was one of about 80 players seeking to impress at West Virginia's one day "Gold Rush" camp on Sunday.

"I've been to West Virginia a lot, so I know about the school," Allen said after attending the Sunday session. "It was a lot of position drills, a lot of one-on-one work. We went through drills that let us show our agility, our reactions and our skill level. It showed a lot about how you fit at a position."

Allen, a fullback/tight end prospect, split time with work at both positions. West Virginia running backs coach Chris Beatty and tight ends coach Doc Holliday oversaw Allen's work.

"It was good to work with them, because it gave you a chance to get to know the position coaches," Allen noted. "I went through fullback drills and tight end drills and probably was about half and half at each position.

"I like the H-Back concept, where you get to play some at fullback and some at tight end," Allen added. "I like the way West Virginia does that."

The drills, while not conducted in pads, were still pretty physical, according to Allen. They involve work on a number of football moves and techniques, so there is going to be a certain amount of bumping and banging involved.

"One of them is a blocking drill where you see how fast you can get off the ball and react to a defender's move. On another one, you see how quickly you can break [your opponent's] arms from contacting you and get free," he described. "There is a lot of contact involved."

Allen, who judged that he competed well against some very good competition, is hoping for an offer from West Virginia. The coaches at the camp told him they would be evaluating film from the event and be in contact with him in the near future.

"I've lived her for 17 years, and I would love to go to WVU," he noted. "But I'm also going to other camps and working to get offers from them, too."

Allen is leaving no stone unturned in his quest to make himself know to schools across the east. He has camp trips scheduled to Wake Forest, Elon, Navy and Tennessee, and has already been to Michigan, Akron and Duke. At Michigan, he worked out as a defensive end.

"I am pretty anxious to get that first offer, because I think once I get one, other colleges will see that and come into the picture," Allen said. "It is a little nerve-wracking, but I will just keep working at it."

Allen is also setting up for his senior season at Morgantown High School, where the Mohigans should again be a contender for championship honors.

"I'll play both ways at fullback and defensive end again, and I think we will be pretty good," he said. "I think our lines will be good this year, and we have had a good offseason of work so far."

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