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For Mountaineer signee Curtis Feigt, the carefree days of summer have actually been a period of agonizing waits.

Feight has battled technical problems with renewing his student visa for several weeks now, with those issues delaying his planned start to his college career. However, he has finally received some good news.

"I just got back from my workout [today] and saw the mail guy with an envelope with my name on it walking down the street where I live," Feight relayed. "I asked him if there is any mail for me and he gave me the envelope. I knew right away that must be the visa, and there is was. I was so excited that I jumped around in my front yard."

Feight's exuberance certainly was real, as the big defensive lineman has been worried about his late arrival ever since it became clear that he would be delayed in enrolling at WVU. The fact that he was so anxious to get back to the U.S. and being his college career certainly speaks to his enthusiasm for the game, and for his conscientious approach to his commitment. Now that the big hurdle is out of the way, he can see the finish line -- or rather, the starting line -- for his collegiate life.

"Right now I am in the process of searching for a cheap flight back to the states," said Feigt, who lost money when he couldn't use his previously-purchased tickets. "Right now I think I will get to Morgantown on Sunday, July 19th around noon. I have no idea what to expect, but I am happy that it finally worked out and I can go back to the States and start my carrier as a Mountaineer."

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