Profile: Michael Watson

Of West Virginia's six January football enrollees, perhaps the most anonymous is offensive lineman Michael Watson.

In a way, that's fitting, because offensive line is one of, if not the, most anonymous positions on a football team.

"He's a shy, quiet kid," Pasadena City College head football coach Tom Maher told "He's really going to benefit greatly from Division 1. Everything from the weight program to the nutrition is going to benefit him. He's going to get so much stronger, as most big guys do around this age."

It's not as if Watson is a project, however. Maher says that Watson was "our best blocker" in the just concluded season, one in which Pasadena again rolled up big offensive numbers. Pasadena was one of the top offenses in the country during the 2001 season, and led their conference in total offense and in scoring in 2002.

Watson was a first team All-Mission Conference selection and a member of the Region Four All California Juco team.

"He's probably a little better pass blocker than a run blocker," said Maher of Watson. He played left tackle for us, and he played in a lefthanded stance, so he won't have to change that any. He really bends his knees well, and his kick step is excellent.

"His run blocking improved as the year went on, though, and I think he's going to be a good player."

Watson actually started out on the defensive side of the ball after coming to Pasadena from Muir High School, but Maher moved him to left tackle after his first season. Watson also had minor shoulder surgery between those seasons, but that did not cause him any problems during his just concluded sophomore campaign.

Watson will joining fellow junior college player Kevin 'Kay Jay' Harris at WVU this semester. Watson, unlike Harris, will be eligible to practice with the team this spring as he works to complete his junior college degree.

As reported earlier, four high schoolers, Pat Liebig, Ridwan Malik, Dwayne Thompson and Chris Malamet, have also enrolled at WVU and will be eligible to practice with the team as well.

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