Full Circle

Mountaineer fans really got a feel for who Jarrett Brown was three years ago when the redshirt freshman quarterback led West Virginia toa huge victory over Rutgers. Brown posted 317 yards of total offense as he stepped in for injured starter Pat White in the triple overtime Mountaineer win.

Now, three years later, Brown recently watched the game that put him on the map on television for the first time. While he says that he is still the same person and in a lot of ways the same quarterback, he realizes that a lot has changed since his first year playing for the Mountaineers.

"There's a lot more pressure now," said Brown. "I was really poised. I was just playing. I didn't know how important the game was or anything. I was just out there playing. You have a different mindset when you're the starter. It's more pressure and that makes you go in the film room and put in a lot more hours."

As Brown prepares for his final meeting with Rutgers, the team that put him on the map for Mountaineer fan, he can't help but reflect on his final season at West Virginia. Although there have been highs and lows, Brown says he's been pleased with the way his senior season has turned out.

"I'm not surprised [with how the season has went]," admitted Brown. "We've lost three games, really close games. I think we could have won. Auburn was our first loss and the turnovers killed us. I felt like we were a better team. Cincinnati, we all know what happened there. South Florida, I thought they matched us on defense talent wise."

Not only has Brown been pleased with his team's efforts over the last 11 games, but he has been happy with his own efforts to overcome the various obstacles that have been thrown his way during the last three months.

"I went through the adversity and all of the injuries," said Brown. "I thought the injuries were going to be my biggest obstacle, all of my injuries, the shoulder, the ankle, the head and all of the other bumps and bruises."

Coming off of a big victory over rival Pittsburgh, it seems as though the Mountaineers are playing their most solid football of the season. That couldn't come at a getter time, as the Scarlet Knights away with hopes of vaulting past the Mountaineers in the league standings. In order to do that, however, they'll have to figure out a way to contain Brown, who has the confidence of knowing that he has played well against Saturday's foe. In a way, it's a full circle for Brown, who will play his final regular season game against the team that jump started his career. He only hopes his last is as good as his first.

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