West Virginia was taken by surprise when Ohio State threw a 1-3-1 defense at it in the first half, but the Mountaineers adjusted, according to point guard Truck Bryant.

WVU wasn't expecting the Buckeyes to play a 1-3-1 from the outset, and when they did, the Mountaineers weren't quick to respond. In a pattern that has repeated itself many times this year, West Virginia was stagnant at the outset, but rallied for a big win in the second half.

Darryl Bryant was a big part of that turnaround, as he attacked the zone defense with a good balance of aggressiveness and good decision-making in the final 20 minutes. He helped WVU erase a 12-point halftime deficit almost immediately and remained solid down the stretch as WVU knocked off the Buckeyes for the second year in a row.

Listen as Bryant details those changes, talks about his play in the second half and addresses the fact that the Mountaineers still haven't put together a full 40 minutes.

Truck Bryant postgame interview

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