True To His Word

Some high school players take a good while to make up their minds about their college destinations. Some waver after doing so. Trevor Demko was in neither category.

Nearly seven months ago, Mount Carmel Area High School defensive end Trevor Demko made West Virginia his choice. Since that time, he's stuck with it, and never considered any other offers. Given the drama of the last few weeks before signing day, and the daily reports of leans and changing commitments, Demko's steadfast pledge is refreshing.

"I have never talked to anyone else," Demko told after taking his official visit to WVU this past weekend. "A commitment is a commitment, and your word is your honor. I guess that is just my personality -- when I say something, I do my best to live up to it. I never considered going anywhere else."

Demko, who earned first team all-state honors as a senior, isn't criticizing those who have changed their minds, or are having a tough time making their choice. It's simply that he, after seeing West Virginia's campus and hearing about the balance of academics and athletics, knew there was no place he would rather be. After making his commitment in the summer, he said he wouldn't take any other visits, and he lived up to that pledge.

"I'd tell [uncommitted players] that you're not going to find anything else better," he said of West Virginia.

Demko has been to WVU on more than one occasion, so his official visit didn't offer a great deal of new information, other than the chance to visit some more areas of the school.

"I had a great time, and it was interesting," he said of last weekend's trip. "I saw the new alumni center and some of the other buildings on campus. Nick Kindler was my host, and I got to meet his roommate and some of the other players. I just really had a good time, and I'm excited to come down for real."

Demko also took in West Virginia's comeback win over Ohio State at the Coliseum, and compared that to the celebration at Mountaineer Field when the Mountaineers defeated Pitt in the Backyard Brawl.

"It was kind of a heartstopper, and the second half was much more fun to watch," he said with a laugh. "It got really loud. I've seen what WVU fans were like at the Pitt football game, when the winning field goal was kicked. It was really loud there."

On his trip, Demko also got a look at the academic side of college life.

"We met with the academic advisors and the head of the mentoring program," he explained. "They explained how you have mandatory study halls, and went through a typical day at school. They told us that we're expected to work as hard in the classroom as we do on the field."

Demko's class doesn't graduate until June 11, so he won' make it in for WVU's first summer session but he will be there by the end of June. Until then, he will play baseball for Mt. Carmel, but won't ignore his football conditioning.

"I play right field and pitch some, but styaing in shape is different for baseball and football.Baseball is a little lazier sport, because you're not doing something on every play. You only have to run about 180 feet at the most, because I'm not hitting many triples. So I will still lift and will go through the football workout program once I sign. That's when {West Virginia] will give me all of those things. I can't wait to get there, and I will be in good shape when I do."

Demko is not checking in a bit north of 240 pounds, and obviously wants to gain more weight and strength as he prepares for his college career. With a long frame (he stands six feet, five inches) he thinks he's best suited as a defensive end, but will play wherever he's needed.

"I was recruited as a defensive end, and I think that's where I fit the best," he said. "I would like to play there, but if Coach Kirlav thinks it's best that I move inside, I'd do that with no problem. Whatever it takes to help the team."

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