Final Regular Season Road Trip For Hoops

Head coach John Beilein has coached at the Carrier Dome before, but familiarity won't make the Mountaineers' task against Syracuse any easier.

"It doesn't get any easier," Beilein said of the upcoming road trip to Syracuse. "To get better we have to work through difficult times, and this is certainly one of those.

"I've coached in the Carrier Dome three times with Richmond and Canisius. All my teams shot the ball pretty well there, and you have to shoot about 90% if you're going to win. It's a unique place, and they fill it up, and it's a great environment. Their crowd supports them and they have outstanding players, and that combination makes it a tough place to play."

WVU will be trying to avoid a three game losing streak, which they hav suffered just once this year in games against Georgetown, Pitt and Boston College.

Beilein downplayed the noise factor at the Dome, and noted that there are a lot of noisy environments where the Mountaineers play. He did say that WVU does pipe noise into the Coliseum for certain portions of practice prior to going on road trips.


Beilein has maintained all year that gaining physical strength is job one for his team over the offseason, but added experience to that list when questioned about it again on Monday.

"We need to get more experience in game situations," Beilein noted. "There are times in the game that you don't want to use a timeout, but when you need to be solid. There are times this year when I wished I had used a timeout when we didn't get that level of play. I think having veterans helps a lot in that area."

* * *

WVU has been slowly building their defensive repertoire, but Beilein thinks it has probably reached its limit.

"If you play too many, you'll get confused. We've played man, 1-3-1, 2-3 and a box and one. That's probably about the limit.

"We work on man to man every day. We've played different defenses due to foul trouble or to change the tempo. We have different defenses that we think will work against different teams."

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