Pro Day Workouts

In a lot of ways, Wednesday's NFL pro day at the Caperton Indoor Practice Facility was a lot like a family reunion. It allowed many seniors from West Virginia's 2010 football team an opportunity to not only work out and perform drills for NFL scouts but to reunite with many current members of the team.

Along with NFL scouts and members of the media, many current football players and coaches gathered to watch players like Boogie Allen, Alric Arnett, Jarrett Brown, Selvish Capers, Guesly Dervil, Ovid Goulbourne, Scott Kozlowski, Wes Lyons, Kent Richardson and Anthony Wood perform drills like 40-yard dash, shuttle, suicide, and three cone drills. Arnett admitted that having his former teammates helped motivate him through the drills.

"When you have support behind you, the sky is the limit," said Arnett.

Despite dropping three passes during the receiver drills with Brown and Lyons, Arnett impressed with his speed during the 40-yard dash and other speed related drills.

"I think I did pretty good. I had all my time down from the [NFL] combine on everything I did, so I feel comfortable about that," said Arnett. "That's something I had wanted to do, come out here and perform again, work out twice in front of the scouts, and get my second view. I feel like I could've done a lot of things better from the combine."

Capers, who was the lone offensive lineman working out, was extremely pleased with his performance for the scouts and thinks that he has made strides since his performance at the NFL combine.

"I felt like I improved on everything today test wise," said Capers. "It's a plus for me, I feel like. I think I did well. I am satisfied. I think I did a tremendous job and opened people's eyes even more. I'm happy. "I think I did everything well. I got better numbers in every drill."

Unlike Arnett and Capers, who participated in every drill available, Brown was more selective on the drills that he participated in and chose to watch while the other players ran through the workout. After impressing at the combine, Brown only participated with the receivers in the passing drills at WVU.

Brown and Arnett showed their chemistry during the drills as they impressed with their deep passes and catches. Surprisingly, Arnett's three dropped passes during drills came during the two's shorter passes even though Brown was unable to get tight spirals on his longer passes.

"It's helped me a lot," said Arnett. "What [Brown and I] do behind closed doors preparing for the scouts helps because then we come here and we look good."

Although their opportunities to work out for large groups of pro scouts are over, Brown has two scheduled visits for personal workout visits. Brown will go to see former Mountaineers Ellis Lankster and the Buffalo Bills on April 4th and Mortty Ivy and the Carolina Panthers on April 12th.

"It's a crazy process to see how the quarterbacks move around like a puzzle," said Brown. "I just don't know where I'm going to end up. I know I'm taking visits to Buffalo and Carolina but there's no telling. I've heard stories from veterans in the league that thought they were going somewhere else but was drafted to a team they had barely heard from."

While there is still a lot of time for players to move around or gain interest from NFL teams before the draft takes place on NFL on April 22nd, Arnett, Brown, and Capers along with the other members of the 2010 class will continue to work and up their stock up until the first name is called by the St. Louis Rams on Thursday, Apr. 22.


The NFL scouts in attendance are very secretive, and don't share their thoughts, or even the times they get for the players in drills. It's all part of the cloak-and-dagger game of draft evaluations.

Reed Williams continues to be plagued by his shoulder injuries and did not work out.

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