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The day before West Virginia's Sweet 16 contest with Washington, Deniz Kilicli was a picture of relaxation as he stretched out on the trainer's table in the WVU locker room.

Deniz Kilicli wasn't nervous about potential playing time against Washington, as his role has been a limited one in the postseason. He didn't play agaisnt Cincinnati or Notre Dame in the Big East tournament, and also saw no action against Missouri in the NCAAs.

"What do I have to be nervous about," Kilicli cracked. "I only play a couple of minutes."

Of course, the big freshman wasn't complaining. He was simply having a bit of fun, as all of his teammates do. But little did he know that he would play a key role in WVU's 69-56 win just one day later. The big Turk hit three key shots in the post to help West Virginia rally from a first half deficit against the Huskies. It was the most points Kilicli had scored in more than a month, and they were instrumental in helping the Mountaineers advance to the Elite Eight.

In this interview, Kilicli discusses the mindset of always being prepared to play, and describes the work he has done on his fundamentals in the post to allow him to improve his offensive game.

Deniz Kilicli Interview

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