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West Virginia head coach Bob Huggins still doesn't know if injured point guard Truck Bryant will be able to play in Saturday's national semifinal against Duke, and he probably won't have any better idea until later in the week.

Bryant, who was fitted for an orthotic insert in North Carolina on Sunday, won't test out the device in practice until Tuesday. After that, evaluations of Bryant's play and any pain still present will have to be done. Add in overnight waits to see if any swelling or further damage is possible, and it could be Thursday or later before a determination is made.

"I don't have any idea," Huggins said when asked if Bryant could play this weekend. "We don't go today [Monday], and we won't know until we see what he can do tomorrow and Wednesday and see how he progresses. I just understand that he might have a chance to play with this and we want to give him any chance he has to play."

Bryant broke the fifth metatarsal bone and has been wearing a boot and icing the injury.

* * *

A developing theme from the national media is the importance of WVU's Final Four appearance to the state, and Huggins' obvious affection for his alma mater. Question after question is put to him on that topic.

"It would be crazy. They would be partying in the streets in every town in the state," Huggins said of the reaction should the Mountaineers claim the national title. "Unless you are here and you understand how important it is, its hard to get a grasp on how much it means to the people in this state.

"The tradition here is great. For a period we had Rod Hundley, as soon as he was gone we had Jerry West. Then we had Rod Thorn when Jerry left, then Fritz Williams. Those are all West Virginia guys and natives. And then there's the tradition with one of our own coaching this team, Fred Schaus and Gale Catlett. People relate very much to the people that played here and are from here. I can remember sitting on my grandfather's lap listening to Jack Fleming call games. He never missed a game on the radio. I think there are thousands and thousands of other people that have grown up the same way."

Huggins didn't include himself in that list of homestate heroes, but there's no doubt that he will be included in future days when others reflect on the tradition of Mountaineer basketball.

* * *

While acknowledging that West Virginia is very team-oriented, Huggins admitted that it's no secret who will get the ball in key moments. Still, he drew a good connection between those two seemingly disparate facts.

"You see who gets ball when we need a basket," Huggins said, singling out Da'Sean Butler. "But that's team-oriented, because they all know who has the best chance of scoring. Against Kentucky, when we struggled to score, we rain a couple of things for Da and he hit two straight three-pointers."

* * *

To no one's surprise (at least it shouldn't have been) Huggins listed length as the key component of West Virginia's defensive success.

"We became too 'man' conscious early in the year," Huggins added when describing the factors that make the defense successful, while lamenting the fact that his team didn't help well. "The last three week to a month we have gotten much better. We aren't going to score a whole lot of points, and they want to win, so they understand we have to do a great job of guarding.

Against Duke, WVU will have to continue that efficient defensive play and also keep the Blue Devils off the boards. Kentucky outrebounded WVU by 15 and piled up a big advantage in second chance points.

"We have to rebound, and to see what Mike [Krzyzewski] has done with his guys is terrific. They rebound the ball on offense and kick it out for open shots. They have been very effective with that.

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