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Bob Huggins took some questions on Thursday that are by now well-familiar to Mountaineer fans, but he managed to have some fun with them during a the short interview session.

Bob Huggins again spoke on the propensity of senior Da'Sean Butler to take big shots.

"I don't know what made him that way. He told me one time his sophomore year he was really happy being Joe Alexander's sidekick. Then the first exhibition game his junior year he got 36 or 38 or something like that and he was apologizing to everybody, sorry he took too many shots, didn't get his teammates involved. I told him you have to score the ball for us. He said he didn't want to be a ball hog. I guess he just got tired of us telling him he has to shoot the ball."

The story, like most of Huggs' tales, is a humorous one, but again, at the core lies the kernel of truth. No one really knows what it is that allows some people to make big plays in the clutch. Yes, there's talent. There's the will to win. There's even a bit of luck involved. But as to the exact chemistry or the DNA that goes into it all? No one really knows, and that makes Huggs' answer the one that addresses the question the best.

Huggins has also had a couple comments over the past week that show how at ease he is with his current position.

"I'm not a TV guy and don't ever want to be one," he told ESPN's Andy Katz on Thursday. That followed a statement follwoing the regional fine win over Kentucky where he noted that, 'I don't need any of this,' referring to the media hoopla. He wasn't being ugly about it, but was simply pointing out he doesn't have any aims or designs for another job after his coaching career is done. He is, quite simply, very happy where he is.

In these clips, Huggins discusses Butler and the differences between having an experienced team and a talented but young one.

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Bob Huggins Interview Clip 2

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