Truck Stop

West Virginia's Truck Bryant made a delayed entrance to the Mountaineers' open shootaround on Final Four Friday, and managed to get some shots up as the Mountaineers prepare for Duke.

Despite the fact that Bryant was in full practice gear, he was still clearly favoring his right foot, in which he suffered a broken bone last month. Bryant was able to get a couple of inches off the floor in shooting from the outside, but he did not run or cut at anywhere near full speed.

While getting treatment on an electric stimulation machine after the shootaround session, Bryant did not sound at all optimistic about an appearance on Saturday.

I don't know if I am going to be able to play," a clearly disconsolate Bryant said. "It's just questionable. I really don't know. I just don't know what the situation is yet. I haven't talked to Coach yet. I would really like to get out there, but I don't know."

"It was very disappointing. This is a rare occasion to be in the Final Four, and I guess I will just have to enjoy the experience like this -- by being the biggest cheerleader from the sideline."

Although he wouldn't entirely rule himself out of the game, it was clear that Bryant is preparing himself for the fact that he won't be able to play. However, true to his generally upbeat nature, the sophomore point guard quickly brightened when speaking of the Final Four experience.

"It felt good. It was a great crowd out there. I didn't expect so many people to be here. I felt really good to be able to get some shots up. If I can't play, I still got to shoot with my teammates, and laugh and joke with them."

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