Same Approach For Beatty

One of the biggest offseason concerns for the West Virginia University football team was their recruiting after losing recruiting coordinator Doc Holiday in December.

Many thought that after having one of the best recruiting classes of all time the previous year that recruiting would fall with the loss of Holiday. However, wide receivers Coach Lonnie Galloway and running backs Coach Chris Beatty stepped up to ensure that recruiting would not falter. Beatty was so successful with recruiting that he was named West Virginia's new recruiting coordinator.

"It's a great move, a great opportunity," said Beatty. "I just want to do the best job that I can."

Coach Stewart admitted that Beatty's recruiting success this year helped when making the decision on Holiday's replacement.

"I've put a lot of weight on Chris' shoulders," said Coach Bill Stewart. "The new director of recruiting will be Chris Beatty. He did a nice job with that when we made our switch in December. We're very pleased about that. My hat goes off to Chris."

Beatty has been a force on the recruiting trail for the Mountaineers since he came to West Virginia. Although he is receiving a new title, Beatty doesn't believe that the promotion will change his recruiting approach.

"I'll get a couple of more national guys because I will have a little more time on the road," said Beatty. "I'll get an extra week in May to evaluate but it really won't change my job. Everyone else gets three weeks and I will get an extra week [to recruit].It will just give me time to see more kids."

Beatty will continue to focus on the Virginia and Washington D.C. area when recruiting just as he has since coming to West Virginia. Beatty's area dominated the 2010 signing class as he brought in five players from the area.

"I look at it every year as I want to get at least one player out of [Washington] D.C.," said Beatty. "Then that player can help build [on recruiting] for the next year. We want to be able to build and piggyback on the class from the year before."

While there is around 11 months until the next signing day, recruiting is a never ending process for coaches. During the offseason, while awaiting the beginning of spring practice, Beatty and the rest of the coaches are always brain storming what future players would fit well into their system.

"We spend most of our afternoons watching film and evaluating guys [in the offseason]," said Beatty. "We will do that pretty much until spring ball starts and then we will get back on it after spring ball. We will have some recruits that will come up during spring ball and we will want to make the most of that opportunity as well."

Just as the team watches and analyzes game film during the season, the coaches get together and analyze the recruits during the offseason so that they can get a recruiting game plan together. Each coach with the most familiarity of a player gives the staff a brief summary on the player and explains what other schools are interesting in him. However, the staff is careful to assess which players would fit into their system best and not just look at the most sought after players.

"We watch film [of the recruits] as a staff," explained Beatty. "Then everyone kind of breaks down and ranks the guys from their position as far as a recruit guy, an offer guy, or someone who doesn't fit what we're trying to do. We break down offense and defense and everyone kind of has an opinion of what you see and we figure out what we want to do from there."

The Mountaineers' recent recruiting success is evident as they have finished in the top 25 with their recruiting classes for the past two years. While it was thought that West Virginia would take a hit to recruiting with the loss of their coordinator, it seems as though that only made coaches like Beatty work to succeed that much harder.

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