Down To Three

Combo guard Todd Mayo has narrowed his college choices to three. Which schools made his final list, and what is his timetable for a decision?

"I've narrowed my choices down to West Virginia, Southern Mississippi and Baylor," Mayo told "I'm going to take visits to all three, and then I will make my decision."

Mayo has set a visit to USM early next week, and is in the process of finalizing dates for trips to the other two schools. Following those journeys, he plans on making a decision "soon", although he had not set a deadline for doing so.

A guard who believes he can handle any backcourt duties, Mayo would be a good complement to Noah Cottrill, who has already signed with the Mountaineer program. Both have a mix of skills that would likely allow them to play either the playmaking or shooting role in the WVU backcourt.

"I think I can be a combo guard and play both," Mayo confirmed. "I've been working on my shooting, but I work on everything else regardless of that. Since the season has been over, I have been running a lot and playing a lot of five on five.

"One of the people that I work out with is Scottie Mason. He works with Marcus Williams of the Memphis Grizzlies, and he has worked out other NBA players as well as my brother."

Todd's brother, the celebrated O.J. Mayo, has also been a part of Todd's summer workout regimen oce the NBA season concludes. However, he's keeping his distance in the recruiting process.

"We go at it one-on-one in the summer. You know how brothers are," Mayo said with a laugh. "He has told me some stuff about recruiting, but he's not giving me any advice on where to go or anything like that. He wants it to be my decision. He told me that all of the schools I am looking at are good schools."

West Virginia offers something of a home state advantage for Mayo, even though it has been a couple of years since he played in the area.

"I played at South Point, Ohio, until the tenth grade, and I still have a lot of family and friends there," Mayo related. "My aunt lives there, and a trainer I used to work with, and just a lot of friends and family. It would be great to play in front of them again if I went to West Virginia. It's my home state. I lived there for a long time."

West Virginia is doing all it can to foster than, and is also, of course, playing the trump cards of its recent Final Four appearance and head coach Bob Huggins' ability to produce NBA players. Mayo is aware of those factors, of course, and noted that he has long been a fan of WVU's head man.

"I have always knows West Virginia had a good team, even before the Final four run this year. And I know Huggins makes his players strong and gives them the best chance to succeed. I'm looking for good chemistry with the coach, so I think I can have that there. I've always watched Huggins' temas, whether it was at Kansas State or Cincinnati."

Mayo stays in close contact with West Virginia's coaches, and had speaks with assistant coach Larry Harrison frequently. He reiterated that developing good relationships with the coaches is atop his list of priorities for selecting a school.

"I look at the rosters some and see who is coming back, but that doesn't really bother me," Mayo noted.

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