Performance To Leadership

Jock Sanders is a veteran on West Virginia's offense, but he still thinks there is work to be done in his learning and understanding of the West Virginia offense.

Sanders has a lot of experience at both the slot position and running back at WVU, but he is not taking his final spring at West Virginia for granted. He thinks there are still aspects of his game to work on and improve as he tries to make his senior season a big one.

From that, he believes, will spring the leadership that head coach Bill Stewart is looking for.

"I'm going to try to do everything right first before I tell my teammates what to do," Sanders said of his approach to leadership. "I want to perfect my craft and help my teammates whenever I can."

Sanders also discussed work with Coley White and Geno Smith and the challenges that come from not getting live repetitions in full 11-on-11 practice sessions with Smith.

Jock Sanders Interview

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