Making A Splash

Safety Darwin Cook made a big impact, both figuratively and literally, in West Virginia's spring football game.

Darwin Cook, a redshirt freshman still learning the fundamentals of the game, grabbed the attention of the 21,000+ in attendance at West Virginia's Gold-Blue game. The Cleveland, Oh, native had a pair of big hits that drew oohs and aahs from the crowd, and his aggressive play also made clear that he'll be vying for playing time.

Cook still has a long way to go before he makes a challenge for a regular playing spot. A defender without many assignments other than to seek and destroy the quarterback as a high school defensive end, Cook is still working to master the fundamentals of safety play. Items such as stance, backpedal and flipping the hips are on his list of improvement items, but there's no doubt that he has the physical skills and aggressive outlook to become a fine safety.

In this interview, Cook discusses his playing time and adjustment to a new position that he had never played before.

Darwin Cook Interview

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