HD Replay For Big East

DVSport, Inc., the leader in collegiate football high definition (HD) replay technology, has announced its newest HD Instant Replay partner -- the Big East Conference.

Starting this season, DVSport's HD Replay system will replace its current standard definition replay system, providing the Big East with high definition picture quality and an enhanced tool set to review each and every play. The Big East is the fourth BCS conference to upgrade to DVSport's HD Replay system this spring.

"DVSport truly values the collaborative environment that the Big East has fostered since we joined forces in 2005 for standard definition replay. During the season, we attend games and meet weekly with conference replay officials. In addition to the Conference's choice to upgrade to DVSport's HD Replay technology, the majority of the teams in the Big East also use DVSport software for their coaching solutions, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with the Conference and its teams for years to come," said Brian Lowe, President and CEO of DVSport, Inc.

"Throughout the decision process, the Big East focused on providing its schools, teams and fans with the best replay technology on the market. Our decision was simply to continue to work with a trusted partner that has provided the Conference with exceptional replay systems, coaching solutions and conference tournament services throughout the years," said John Marinatto, Big East Commissioner.

The Big East was the first BCS conference to utilize the DVSport HD Replay system during a regular season game in 2008. During that contest, the Big East Coordinator of Football Officials and current NFL referee Terry McAulay commented, "the picture quality of this system compares favorably to what we are seeing on Sundays."

DVSport worked with the conferences and the bowls to put its HD Replay™ system into as many bowl games as technologically feasible over the past two seasons. "We employed the DVSport HD Replay system for last year's National Championship game at the Rose Bowl to assure that our on field and replay officials had the best tools available for the biggest game of the year," stated Nick Carparelli, Big East Senior Associate Commissioner for Football.

DVSport's HD Replay system assists the replay officials in their pursuit of indisputable video evidence as quickly as possible to confirm or overturn the call on the field. The HD picture quality, combined with the breadth of tools on the DVSport HD Replay system, including one touch marking of plays and replays, touchscreen recall of each angle, frame-by-frame review, zoom feature and consistent data entry, helps deliver an efficient and accurate review process without interrupting the flow of the game.

"With four out of the six BCS conferences using our HD Replay product, it is clear that that these conferences are committed to providing the best technology for the benefit of their coaches, players and fans," said Lowe.

West Virginia also utilizes DVSport's video system for cutting, tagging and tracking game and practice video.

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