Schedule Firming Up

Star lineman Landon Turner has been involved in the recruiting process ever since he burst onto the scene with a stellar freshman year at Harrisonburg, (Va.), High School, but the end is now in sight for one of the top prospects in the state.

Turner, who has diligently visited schools and gotten to know as much as he could about the programs and coaches, could be set to make a decision by the middle of next month.

"The top schools are West Virginia, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, Florida and probably LSU," turner's father, West, told "He just visited UNC, and he will visit LSU at the end of this month, and then Florida in early July. I think after those visits, he might be ready to make an announcement. When he does, he'll have it at his high school."

Father and son have also been to WVU twice this spring. They were at West Virginia over the weekend of the spring football game, where West mingled with former Mountaineer teammates and Landon got the chance to see the campus and town for an extended period. That experience was an excellent one, and gave Landon the ability to see WVU from a different perspective.

"He had a great time at WVU hanging out with some of the ex-pros and some of the ex-players," West said. "We had a reunion of ex-players, and that was a good time. He got to see the town and talk with the coaches a lot more, and he enjoyed that."

Turner's status as a former Mountaineer player doesn't hurt WVU's chances in the race for his son's services, but he has been careful not to push him in any direction. While he's there as a resource and a sounding board, he has tried to let Landon form his own opinions and make up his own mind.

While the recruiting process grinds on to its conclusion, Landon is also continuing to work off the field. A combination of workout programs designed to improve his conditioning and strength across the board is occupying much of his summer.

"He's going to a gym, and he lifts on his own program," West said. "His step father is an exercise physiologist, and he's also set up a program to work on his speed. He has been working very hard on that."

While West doesn't want to predict where his son might end up, he is confident that academics will play a big part in his decision.

"It really the most important thing. He wants to go to business school, and he wants to make sure that he is comfortable with the academic side. He has met with the academic counselors on one of his trips to West Virginia, and that's something that he is learning about on all of his visits."

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