Hints or Leans?

After gathering numerous offers and sifting through a mountain of data, Virginia lineman Landon Turner is ready to announce his college decision on Sunday. Is there any hint of where the road-grading blocker will go?

Of course, Turner's final three is well known by now. North Carolina, Virginia Tech and West Virginia are the three teams remaining in the chase. Often, however, once an announcement time is set, the choice tends to leak out, as a family member or friend can't resist whispering what they know to others. That might not be the case here, however.

"I don't know what his choice is, and I told him not to tell anyone," Landon's father, West, said earlier this week. "I'll be at the announcement, and I'll learn then along with everyone else."

What is known about Turner's recruitment and narrowing of his list is this. He had very enjoyable visits to both West Virginia and Virginia Tech recently, and has expressed similar positive thoughts about Carolina, so any attempt to make a read on his final pick is a difficult one. He considered a number of other schools, and took unofficial trips to Georgia, Maryland, Michigan State and Ohio State during the recruiting process. He has said that his family ties to West Virginia will play a part, but not a large one, in his decision. Put all that together, and it's difficult to discern a lean or a hint at this point.

Turner has also cut out any communication with the media leading up to the announcement -- probably so as not to give any inadvertent hints and to give himself some peace to make his final choice. He has clearly done a thorough job in considering all of his options and gathering information, so it's not a surprise that he's taken this final step to give him time to work through this most important of choices.

BlueGoldNews.com will provide the results of Turner's decision as soon as he announces it this Sunday.

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