No Ordinary Joe

From the first moment he set foot on the campus of West Virginia University, it was clear that Dorrell Jalloh was an entertainer.

Jalloh, who came to WVU as an underrated wide receiver, also brought with him an outgoing personality that radiated to all within sight or earshot. A big smile was his routine expression; cheerfulness his default demeanor. So it's no surprise to see him making a mark in fields such as modeling and acting.

Hints of that talent were visible at WVU. Jalloh was a regular performer in student shows, appeared in several videos promoting the school, and served an internship with the Mountaineer Sports Network. At the time, of course, his first focus was football, and he certainly made an impact on the field. His game-winning two-point conversion receptions in triple overtime wins over Louisville in 2005 and Rutgers in 2006 cemented his place in Mountaineer lore while also showcasing his flair for the dramatic, and he capped that with a spectacular touchdown catch and run against Auburn in front of a national television audience. He finished his career with 63 receptions for 820 yards and seven touchdowns.

Although putting on a good show wasn't the first thing in Jalloh's mind on the field, he did admit that he was also thinking about another possible future at times during his college days.

"I did think I had a chance at getting into television and entertainment," Jalloh told in an exclusive interview. "I've always been able to show my personality, and that's something I was always interested in."

There's no doubt that Jalloh's engaging style is a natural for television or the big screen. Talk with him for just a few minutes, and he puts you at ease. No matter the topic, he's a genuine conversationalist that is able to make a connection.

Those skills were a big part of Jalloh's most recent project -- a spot on Spike's "Pros vs. Joes" television series. It's the perfect showcase for Jalloh's blend of athletic skills and entertaining chatter.

"I have a friend who knows the producer of that show, and they said they were looking for a guy that could talk and be entertaining," Jalloh said of his entry into the reality TV milieu. "They asked me to send in a video of myself, so I made up a tape that just showed me being myself -- talking and laughing. Once they saw it, they asked me to be on the show."

Jalloh's turn, which airs on July 28 at 10:00 p.m., naturally takes advantage of his football talents. He's not allowed to talk about the results, but did give a peek as to what viewers can expect.

"There were four events, and they were different football situations. We did a short yardage play, passing plays, and a long yardage situation. There was one other "Joe" that was pretty good. He had played at Colorado State, and he did o.k."

In the competition, Jalloh and his two teammates face off against NFL stars Isaac Bruce, Michael Vick and LaVar Arrington.

Viewers will have to tune in to catch the full impact of Jalloh's performance and see how the competition turns out, but he's already on to more steps in his burgeoning entertainment career. He is signed with a modeling agency in Pittsburgh, and has done several shoots in both Columbus, Ohio and New York City. He has also done some commercial work, and has just landed a role in a movie.

"It's definitely keeping me busy," he said of his schedule. "I'm traveling to do those shoots in Columbus and New York, and along with my workouts it has been busy."

Jalloh is also trying to keep his football career alive. After a stint with the Minnesota Vikings, he's now working out and trying to land with a Canadian Football League team.

"I am still training, and I think there will be a couple of opportunities in the CFL. I just switched agencies, so I am hoping to catch on there. It can be tough to balance that with the modeling and acting shoots, but they have been understanding about that."

Catch Jalloh in this Pros vs. Joes sneek peek, and in his premiere on Spike TV on Wednesday, July 28 at 10:00 p.m.

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