Stew's Views: Fall Camp Day One

WVU head football coach Bill Stewart took one question about the NCAA allegations facing the football program, but then quickly moved on to other topics, including a recap of his team's first day of fall practice on Saturday evening.

A composed Bill Stewart took a couple of questions concerning the NCAA investigation following day one of West Virginia's fall football camp, but shut down follow up queries.

"Athletic Director Luck addressed it with his statements, and I addressed it with our team, along with [Director of Football Communications] Mike Montoro," Stewart said. "It's not on our mind, and its not what we are thinking about. We are concentrating on the season."

Although Stewart did not say what the comments consisted of, it is presumed that the remarks included instructions about addressing the subject with the media. A follow up question to Stewart about the chance for him to make his own statement was met with a polite but firm, "I've addressed that."

With that action, Stewart attempted to shut the door on the line of NCAA questioning, and although he was successful for the day, he's sure to face more in the coming days and weeks.

Stewart was also brief in discussing the non-appearance of freshmen for camp. Wide receiver Dante Chambers and offensive lineman Quinton Spain are awaiting rulings from the NCAA Committee on Initial Eligibility. The hope is they can be approved and arrive shortly, but there is not timetable for that process. Stewart also confirmed, as first reported here, that Quantavius Leslie and Avery Williams are attending school elsewhere this semester.

In keeping with the policy of making newcomers unavailable for interviews through the first week of practice, Stewart also limited comments on the play of newcomers on Day One. He did note that Bruce Irvin "is not like many players we have had before".

So what did Stewart talk about? One factor that stood out was the willingness of the upperclassmen to help the newcomers get acclimated.

"They did a good job with the youngsters, showing them where to line and and just helping them out. The young guys have talent, but their heads are spinning."

The quarterback situation was naturally a topic of interest, and Stewart noted that while Geno Smith "wasn't quite as nimble" as he has been, that he was please with the work from the first day.

"The way we do the work is that Geno will run [a series], then one of the backups, then Geno, then one of the other backups. It will probably work out to Geno getting 50% of the snaps, and the two freshmen 25% each."

Absent from that rotation is Coley White, who made the move to slot receiver and put in all of his practice time at that position.

"Coley worked hard in the slot today," Stewart said.

Left unsaid was the observation that if freshmen Jeremy Johnson and Barry Brunetti progress as hoped, White's move to slot will likely become permanent very quickly.


Nick Kindler, sidelined until at least October following shoulder surgery, will still come to camp on Monday and be part of the 105 allowable athletes in camp. He will take part in rehab activity. but isn't expected to do anything on the field. WVU is also leaving spots open for Spain and Chambers in case they receive their approvals.

Apparently some observers are bent out of shape about freshman wideout Ivan McCartney receiving number five -- Pat White's old number.

"We didn't use five last year, and that was the decision of myself, the seniors and some other advisors," Stewart detailed. "But time moves on. There have been some great players that have worn that number here."

In addition to White and Chris Henry, standouts such as Jack Eastwood and Ed Hill sported the single digit.

Speaking of McCartney, he bears an uncanny resemblance to two NFL wideouts. In the face, he looks a great deal like Chad Ochocinco, while in the uniform, with his lanky build and the same number, he is the doppelganger of Henry. If he can be half as good as either of those players, WVU will have another playmaker to deploy.

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