Jump Start

After going through a great deal of indecision in choosing between West Virginia and Michigan State during the recruiting process, freshman safety Michael Dorsey reveals that his cousin, fellow Mountaineer safety Sidney Glover was a deciding factor in the sought-after recruit's decision.

"[Sidney] influenced me to come here," admitted Dorsey. "I wanted to come here and be a Mountaineer anyway but he helped me a lot through the process. He helped me understand the schemes and understand the play calling. He made sure I was doing the little things right because that's what matters."

While Dorsey did not make his final decision to come to West Virginia until February, it seems as though a Saturday night in December was when he really made his mind up.

"I would come to the game to see him play. [It helped me] to get a feel for the atmosphere. When I came down for the Pitt game [last year], I fell in love with the game. The rivalry was huge and I liked that a lot."

It is not uncommon for a freshman to look to an upperclassman for help on adjusting to the new style of ball, not to mention getting acclimated to college life in general, but Dorsey has gotten lucky to have someone he's worked with all of his life serve as a teacher.

"I wanted to model myself after the physical way that Sidney plays," said Dorsey. "I like the way he plays. Who doesn't like the way Sidney plays? He's a good athlete all around. I just wanted to be myself in my position because I'm taller than Sidney. He's taught me everything. He lets me know where I'm messing up at. He's taught me how to defend blockers in an easier way."

This is not the first time that the Warren, Oh., natives have played together on the same team. As a freshman, Dorsey was on varsity squad of the Warren G. Harding high school team alongside Glover, who was a senior. Glover was the team's quarterback while Dorsey saw playing time on special teams and as the third string tailback.

Glover also helped to fill Dorsey in on the Mountaineer coaching staff so that he knew just what to expect when working with safeties Coach Steve Dunlap.

"It's fun playing for Dunlap," said Dorsey. "He tells you straightforward what it is and how it's going to be. He doesn't hold anything back. [Sidney] told me that he was a straightforward coach and that he was going to tell you if you messed up or not. He's going to tell you your rights and wrongs and he's going to tell you if you deserve to play or not."

Apparently, Dorsey has received the thumbs up from Dunlap. He has played extensively in scrimmages, and earned mention from head coach Bill Stewart as well. All of the extra coaching and information from Glover certainly has helped, but it's also his playmaking ability that earned the coaches' approval.

The freshman is currently listed as the second string strong safety behind sophomore Terrence Garvin and will no doubt have an impact this season as he continues to battle for playing time. It won't be a surprise to see him on the field on special teams either.

"I just want to play my role and whatever the coaches thought was best for me is what I was going to do," said Dorsey. "I didn't expect to be second on the depth chart but it's good for me now. There's not really a lot of pressure. I'm just here to play my role and do the best I can to help the Mountaineers do this thing."

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