Ready For Action

As a player experienced in the high pressure environment of South Florida football, Ivan McCartney believes he is ready for his first snaps as a college player.

"I'm not going to lie, it will probably get to me at first," Ivan McCartney said with a slight laugh when asked to describe his emotions playing in front of the crowd at Mountaineer Field. "But after about five minutes or so I will be o.k."

Just a couple of minutes of listening to McCartney (not to mention watching him play), and it's clear he's not a typical freshman. On the field, he makes tough catches and shows raw ability that not many receivers in West Virginia's recent history possess. During interviews, he handles himself well, answering questions honestly and with direct replies. It's clear that he's comfortable in most situations, and it's that ability that likely has helped him earn playing time during his initial year.

Most freshmen battle with all of the adjustments anyone living away from home for the first time have to make, but McCartney seems to have handled those challenges neatly. While he admits that adding classes on top of football hasn't been a snap, he seems to be adapting just as well in that situation as he has in dealing with press coverage and headhunting defensive backs.

In this interview, McCartney discusses those factors and describes the process he has gone through to ready himself for the season.

Ivan McCartney

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