WKU "O" Advanced Stats: Week Seven

A breakdown of WKU's offensive units and rankings entering Week 7 of the season.

WKUInsider is tracking Western Kentucky football's advanced stats in 2014, including breakdown by units and national percentile rankings.

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1) Power Success Rate: A hot topic among WKU fans after the UAB game is a perception of failure on short-yardage run plays. PSR measures any third/fourth-and-2 or less, plus first/second-and-goal from 2-yard line or less. Success = first down or touchdown, and also counts quarterback runs. Against UAB, WKU only went 1-for-3 in PSR situations. But on the season, WKU averages a 65 percent success rate in PSR situations, placing them somewhere between average (69.5 percent, 50th percentile,) and subpar (63.4 percent, 75th percentile.) So no, not great--but not awful either.

2) Running backs--'Ace' Wales stats took a huge jump, thanks to a 75-yard touchdown run in the first quarter against UAB. Leon Allen had 81 carries the first three games, compared to 12 for Wales. But in the last two games (Navy, UAB,) Allen had 26 carries to 28 for Wales. If 'Ace' keeps running as well as he is, I expect the carries will stay more even going forward.

3) Offensive line--WKU continues to be one of the best in the country at avoiding negative plays, a big reason why their offense and drives are so efficient. Their sack rate allowed of 1.9 percent is one of the top ten overall efforts in all of FBS, and their stuff rate allowed of 16.5 percent is in the top 25th percentile.

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