WKU Defensive Stats: Week 11

Breakdown of WKU's defensive stats by units and individuals entering Week 11 of the season.

WKUInsider is tracking Western Kentucky football's advanced stats in 2014, including breakdown by units and national percentile rankings.

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1) Points per play: After giving up a season-worst 0.68 points per play against Old Dominion, WKU regressed even more, allowing 0.71 at Louisiana Tech. I’m not going to pin this one on the defense though. Because of the offense’s woes, the Bulldogs averaged a starting field position of their own 48-yard line for the game, with several possessions starting in WKU territory. Naturally, that means they were able to score points in less plays.

2) Yards per play: Look here, some good news! WKU tied their season-best in yards per play, 6.1 (at Illinois.) Have to add this might partially be helped by all the short fields the Bulldogs faced. Still, 3.8 yards per rush allowed would be a great weekly average, and 7.7 per pass is respectable considering all the injuries in the secondary.

3) Front 7 run defense: If you’re looking for positives from the La. Tech game, this is a great place to start. Second best line yards per carry allowed on the season, only better performance was at Illinois. In 18 Bulldog carries before they took a 45-10 lead in the third quarter (the remainder of the game was garbage time,) WKU only allowed 4 carries to gain 5 yards or more, and stuffed 6 at or behind the line of scrimmage (a 33 percent rate.)

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