WKU Defensive Stats: Week 12

Breakdown of WKU's defensive stats by units and individuals entering Week 12 of the season.

WKUInsider is tracking Western Kentucky football's advanced stats in 2014, including breakdown by units and national percentile rankings.

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1) Points per trip inside 40: This was the big stat for WKU against UTEP that won the game. The Miners snapped a first down inside the WKU 40-yard line on six of 10 drives, but the Tops held them to 3.3 points per trip inside the 40--Two touchdowns, two field goals, one punt, and Wonderful Terry's interception/touchdown return. It was the first game all year WKU held the opponent under 4.0 points per trip inside the 40.

2) Overall rankings: While the defense certainly stepped up last weekend, it's important to keep everything in perspective. UTEP's offense wasn't too dynamic to begin with, and WKU didn't exactly shut them out--they allowed some middle-of-the-road numbers. That's why their Football Outsider's rankings didn't take huge jumps.

But that doesn't mean WKU can't be encouraged about the performance. If the defense can just allow some average numbers from here on out, and the offense performs to their capabilities, WKU will win more often than they lose.

3) DB Havoc: Encouraging performance for WKU's defensive backs, even if UTEP's passing game is pretty bad. In the Miners 22 pass attempts, they only completed 9, and WKU's defensive backs earned 4 pass breakups, in addition to Terry's interception return.

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