Brohm says Toppers are 'nicked up'

Western Kentucky University is one week from the opener at Vanderbilt and the Toppers are dinged up a bit, according to head coach Jeff Brohm. He met wit the media on Thursday night and talked about some of the injuries.

With just one week until the season-opener, it's not a good sign with the head coach says his team is "nicked up," but that's exactly how Western Kentucky coach Jeff Brohm phrased it on Thursday night.

Brohm said he has been taking it easy on his team a bit in the last few days because of some injuries, noting he wants to get them to the game and make sure they are healthy when they arrive in Nashville.

"We have some issues," Brohm said. "But everyone does at this time of the year. We've got to get these guys healed and get them ready for the game."

Matt Nord, a lineman who missed most of fall camp, is out with a broken foot and now redshirt junior lineman Joe Manley had his foot in a boot and Brohm said he underwent a test on Thursday.

"He's going to be out for a little bit," Brohm said of the 315-pound Manley. "The plan is to try to get him back (for the game). But it's too early to tel right now."

Wide receiver Jared Dangerfield has been out for a couple of weeks but Brohm said he's hoping to get him back for the Vandy game, while senior linebacker Dejon Brown is still out with a knee injury.

But Brohm said he has to get the guys healthy ready for the Vandy game next Thursday night.

"We're getting guys freshened up at the end of this week, and come Sunday, it's a good, hard physical practice," he said. "And that's when you're ready to play the game."

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