WKU head coach Jeff Brohm updates the quarterback competition

LOUISVILLE, Ky -- WKU head coach Jeff Brohm updates the quarterback competition

Following a productive WKU spring practice period that saw all on the quarterback depth chart have their positive moments, the competition to fill the vacancy behind center continues into the summer months.

The spring game provided a glimpse of the tight competition.  The four quarterbacks combined to throw 95 attempts, completing 62 percent for 901 yards. Drew Eckels led all with 322 yards and three touchdowns, with an impressive 79.2 completion percentage.  Louisville transfer Tyler Ferguson completed 17 of 26 for 223 yards.  Mike White, a South Florida transfer, was 14 of 23 for 125 yards and a touchdown, while Red starter Nelson Fishback completed 8 of 20 for 209 yards and a touchdown. 

On Monday, while in his hometown to visit with fans and alumni at Hunting Creek Country Club in far eastern Jefferson County, WKU head coach Jeff Brohm discussed the progress of the competition.

"The spring was definitely the chance to put our guys under the fire," said Brohm.  "We had four bodies and they all worked extremely hard. To be honest, I was extremely hard on them.  We did make some progress towards the end and I thought in the spring game that some guys stood out and made some plays."

Since the spring game, the depth chart has undergone some changes.  Fishback, a senior, is expected to miss the 2016 season after suffering a torn pectoral muscle injury while working out at home.  Officially joining the squad is freshman Steven Duncan, a 6-foot-5, 230-pound pocket passer.

"I think they are all making progress and I think we'll find out soon who that will be," said Brohm.

The competition will continue into the early stages of fall camp when Brohm hopes that one will separate from the group.

"I think the first few weeks of fall camp we'll give everybody a lot of reps once again and hopefully after 10 to 14 days we should have an idea who the starter will be."

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