The Hilltoppers were back on the practice field Monday.

This evening the Hilltoppers had a good practice. Head Coach David Elson complemented the team for maintaining their focus and intensity during the fast-paced practice.

If it is true, you play how you practice, then Hilltopper fans can expect to see a highly conditioned, well-disciplined and focused football team, on opening day.

I am still reluctant to publish a "probable" depth chart. Players are still battling and giving everything they have to be in the two deep against the University of Florida. In my opinion, it would not be fair to the players for me to make a judgment on where they stand on a depth chart today. Players are still competing and anything is possible. However, game week is approaching quickly and coaches will be making their decisions very soon. I plan to publish a "probable" depth chart on Friday of this week. Nothing will be certain until the Hilltoppers step on the field against the Gators.

Western Kentucky University will begin classes on August 27th. What this means to Hilltoppers fans is, camp is winding down and game week is right around the corner!

On Wednesday, August 22, at 6:00PM, WKU will hold a Mock Gameday practice. The team will be in uniform and the practice is open to the public.

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