WKU Head Coach David Elson Interview

Coach Elson discusses injuries and the performance of his Hilltoppers in last Satudays opening game.

The Hilltoppers are preparing for the home opener against West Virginia Tech this week. Head Coach David Elson took time out to answer a few questions and give some insight on the Hilltoppers.

WKU Insider: How did the Hilltoppers come away from the game injury wise?

Coach David Elson: Injury-wise I was pleased with how we came out of the Florida game. You always hope going into any game to stay injury free, though you may not always expect it. Other than quarterback David Wolke we had nothing more than a few bumps and bruises.

WKU Insider: Coach is David Wolke good to go and will he play in the home opener Saturday?

Coach Elson: David will be fine. He took a pretty hard hit at the end of our first series against Florida and suffered a minor concussion. After talking with our team doctors and trainers, they decided it would be best for him to not risk further injury by going back into the game. He is cleared now and will be full go for West Virginia Tech.

WKU Insider: Coach Elson, on the opening drive, I loved the gutsy move to go for it on fourth down. What was going through your mind that lead you to make that decision early in game?

Coach Elson: I felt that if we could drive it down the field like that on our first possession and put seven points up on the board, it would've changed the whole complexion of the game. It would have put them in a little bit of a hole early on and taken the crowd out of the equation. Even if you don't make it, you still have them backed up at their own 9-yard line with the length of the field to go. It was just unfortunate that it turned out the way it did.

WKU Insider: The defense had trouble stopping the Gators passing attack. Do you think this had more to do with Florida's blazing speed or aggressively biting on play fakes? What adjustments will the Hilltoppers make this week in practice to shore up the pass defensive?

Coach Elson: Florida is fast, there's no doubt about that. They have one of the best receiving corps in the country. That being said we have a good group of guys in our secondary, they just didn't make some of the plays they're capable of making. We're going to make the adjustments we need to make and get back on track this week.

WKU Insider: I thought special teams played pretty well overall. What was your assessment of special teams play?

Coach Elson: We were pleased with the way our special teams played overall. There were times when we had some mental breakdowns in our return game, but we also did a lot of positive things in this area. Chris James kicked the ball real well and our field goal unit did a great job of getting on the field and getting us three points before the end of the half. I also thought Jeremy Moore had a very good game along with our coverage units for the most part.

WKU Insider: What will the Hilltoppers take from this game and build on?

Coach Elson: This game was definitely a learning experience. It helped give us a measuring stick of where we are at and where we need to be as a team, if we want to compete with the best in college football. We know now that, hey we need to step it up in this area, or we need to get a little better at communicating certain things or maybe working on technique some more. Whatever it may be, this game told us a lot about where our team is at and where we need to be to win some ball games

WKU Insider: Coach Elson is there anything you would like to say to the Hilltopper Nation?

Coach Elson: This game is no indication of how well our team is capable of playing. One game isn't going to decide our season. As a team, we have goals for this season and a full slate of tough teams on our schedule. I truly believe that this team is special and they know the responsibility they have in front of them to lay the foundation for our future as a 1A team. We're going to come back and work harder than ever and by the time it's all said and done the Hilltopper nation will be proud of what we will accomplish this year.

WKU Insider: Coach Elson, I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule and giving WKU Insider an interview. Thank you and good luck on Saturday!

Hilltopper Updates: Saturday is the home opener for the Hilltoppers. West Virginia Tech will invade Houchens Industries L.T. Smith Stadium at 4:00 PM Central. This game time is perfect for Hilltopper fans. It is late in the afternoon so it will be cooler and it gives fans all day to tailgate while reuniting with old friends over a nice plate of BBQ with all the fixings.

This weekend is also "Parents Weekend" on the Western Kentucky University Campus. There will be lots to see and do with a festive atmosphere on campus all day. With all the events going on around campus, plus Hilltopper Football in the afternoon, this is going to be a fun weekend on the Hill!

The video below should definitely get you fired up for some Hilltopper football this weekend!

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