WKU played physical football for four quarters but BSU pulled away at the end.

Football is a physical game. The game of football is supposed to be played with intensity, emotion, and aggressive behavior that can look very similar to assault.

It is not meant for everyone to play the game of football. Not everyone loves to bang heads and feel tingles down their spine.

When you walk out on the field you put your health and really your life at risk. At any moment, a hit can put you in a wheelchair for the rest of your days.

Football is a violent game and can be an unforgiving sport whether you are playing on the Pop Warner or NFL level. Players have to be physically and emotionally ready to play the game. Hours are spent lifting weights, running, practicing, watching film and becoming the best player you can be. You know when you step out on that field the opposing players want to knock your head off your shoulders. The opposing fans want to see you humiliated and defeated in a convincing fashion. Therefore, a player must be extremely fired up, aggressive and hit hard through the whistle and play physical for sixty minutes.

Its funny how opposing teams and their fans react when the Hilltoppers do not back down or lay down and take a beating like they are expected. WKU is a transitioning 1AA team that supposedly has nothing to play for and is low on numbers and talent. They are supposed to show up take their whipping and get paid as a transitioning team is supposed to. If they did, you would not here the first complaint from opposing teams or their fans. WKU, takes pride in being a physical football team and playing four quarters of football. The Hilltoppers did not get the win Saturday but BSU knew they had played a football team and not a cup cake.

WKU did not decide to move to division one to take beatings every Saturday while filling their coffers. The Hilltoppers plan to make an impact on the elite level of college football and add another championship trophy to the program's resume.

WKU had its chances during the game on Saturday. The Hilltoppers outgained BSU 411 yards to 363, had more first downs 23 to 19 and out rushed the Cardinals 222 to 75. Both teams had three turnovers. WKU had 10 penalties for 109 yards compared to 8 penalties for 75 yards for BSU. The Hilltoppers were in the game deep into the 4th quarter but BSU made a goal line stand with WKU banging on the door to pull within a touchdown. Ball State added window dressing late in the game with 2:15 left to make it a final score of 35 to 12. This game was a lot closer than the impression the final score will give fans that did not watch or listen to the game.

The Hilltoppers are now 3-3 with seven games left to play. The Hilltoppers are on the road against Indiana State this Saturday. Kickoff is set for 1:00 PM (CDT).

The Hilltoppers season is unfolding in many interesting ways. The most telling, to me, is that they have proven they can compete with division one teams right now. The Hilltoppers will only get better as talent is upgraded and depth is built through recruiting.

You can bet, under Head Coach David Elson, they will play hard for four quarters and play physical football then too.

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