Experience the sights and sounds of Hilltopper Spring football. Lage video clip gallery now available!

The Hilltoppers have had two solid practices to start spring training.

2008 offensive line recruit, Seth White, was on campus to take in Friday's Practice. Seth cannot wait to get on campus this June and be a part of the Hilltoppers.

The Hilltoppers are laying the foundation to have another successful season in 2008. Based off the first two practices, as an early indicator, it appears Coach Elson will again field a well-conditioned and very physical team next season.

These video clips are from Thursday and Friday's practices.

Defensive Back Drill

Linebacker Drill

Offensive Line Drill

Mini-Scrimmage Part I

Mini-Scrimmage Part II

Best Man Wins Part I

Best Man Wins Part II (fixed)

Best Man Wins Part III

Hilltopper practices are open to the public. If you enjoyed these video clips, you will definitely love watching a live practice.

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