Breakout Season Ahead?

At 6-3 and 202 pounds senior Kendrick Mosley leads the wide receiver group for the Broncos in 2003. Mosley has looked sharp this spring and appears ready for a breakout season. He has an interesting story to tell on how he became so fast and agile growing up that you'll love to read.

With approximately two weeks of spring drills in the books, the Bronco offense has been much improved over a year ago and leading the wide receivers is Kendrick Mosley who looks to be in better shape than a year ago. Mosley leads a potent wide receiver corps that seems determined to get the Broncos back on the winning track in 2003.

"I think there is always room for improvement and this spring we're really working on building team chemistry on offense," said Mosley. "We want to start now and build on it this fall."

Chemistry will be key as several players have commented on the lack of chemistry on the team last season. This group does seem closer and hungry in practice and that bodes well for the Broncos chances of breaking the current streak of consecutive losing seasons.

"We need to start in a positive way so we don't have the same results we had the last two years," he added.

Mosley, who is on schedule to receive his Criminal Justice degree in December, has the size and speed (4.4/40) to play at the next level if he has a breakout season. Regardless, he has his future planned in case the dream of playing in the pros is not realized.

"I'd like to work at a local correctional facility and go back to school and get my masters," he said. "I'd like to eventually work for the ATF."

Impressive goals from an impressive player. It is this upcoming season though that Mosley is focused on and no one is pushing him harder than Mosley himself.

"I'm trying to work a lot on my run blocking and I'm grading myself real hard," he added.

Mosley seems fully recovered from a fractured foot he suffered early last season but he says it is still in the back of his mind when he is on the field.

"It is real close to 100% but it probably won't ever be where I want it and that is no pain at all," he said. "I don't feel that I can cut the same on it like I used to because it is always on my mind. I just don't feel safe on it without having it taped real good."

Mosley has been known for his ability to cut and his incredible burst. When asked how a player with his size became so agile Mosley had an interesting story to share.

"Growing up in Pahokee there are a lot of sugar cane fields and to manufacture the sugar cane they need to burn the fields," he said. "There are all kinds of jackrabbits that live in there and when they burn the field the rabbits come out and we would go out and chase them through the thick mulch. It really helped my speed, agility and endurance chasing those rabbits. In the thick mulch we had the advantage and we could catch them but once they got in the open field they left us in the dust."

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