Reynolds, Carr Look Ahead

Broncos Illustrated was able to catch up with Sam Reynolds and Tony Carr at spring practice. Reynolds takes a look at the cornerbacks' work ethic in practice, how the cornerbacks look right now and he talks about what he wants in the 2003 season. Carr talks about how the cornerbacks performed last season, his personal objectives for the coming season and on improving his performance in big games.

Sam Reynolds

Can you give us your thoughts on the upcoming season? Give us your opinions on the cornerbacks and how you think things are going to be going.

"Starting off this year we just had our first spring practice and we have eight guys at corner. Everybody is looking good. Everybody is getting all their drills together. Everybody is really trying to be successful this year. I feel we've got a good chance because everybody is dedicated to win. Seems like everyone is going to come together as a team this year. Last year we kind of laid of on that but this year we are all coming together and hopefully have a successful year. Like I said everybody is working hard."

You were talking about last year a little bit. It seems like you and Tony (Carr) had several good performances last season. Can you give me some quick thoughts on how the cornerbacks as a unit performed as a whole?

"Well, by me and Tony being on the field, we have a lot of experience so we really know what to expect out there on the field. By me and him having that experience we can talk to the other guys and let the other guys know what goes on out there on the field and what to look for out there. We're going to be ready."

Any personal objectives or goals that you want to obtain this season?

"Win. I just want to win. Get a ring, that's all."

Tony Carr

Your thoughts on how the cornerbacks did as a unit last season and some early thoughts on how you guys are looking and how you guys are going to do this coming season.

"Well last year we had guys that were just getting their first chance to play and everything so it was a learning process. But towards the end it's like we came together as a group. Now, we're still working towards getting better but we know what we are doing right now. So it should be pretty good this year."

Are there any clear favorites to take over starting positions?

"No, we just got a new D-Coordinator. He just wants people that can hit. So basically whoever covers the best and hits the hardest is going to get the start. We all got to come out and compete right now."

Do you have any personal objectives for the upcoming season?

"Just get better. There was a few plays that I could have made last year that I didn't. If I get the chance to play this year then I need to make those plays obviously. Just working on my skills right now."

Last year you had a good game at Michigan. Are you expecting to have a better game, the first game of the season at Michigan State?

"Hey, I just want to play. They're big games, you have to come out and play big. Michigan State; it doesn't matter who it is, all games are big. I'm ready to play."

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