Spring Update - Offense

With the offense miles ahead of a year ago we caught up with offensive coordinator Brian Rock for an update on their progress. He talks about the status of the offense and some changes Bronco fans can expect this upcoming season.

It seems the offense is progressing much faster this spring than a year ago?
I wanted to get the base of our offense in by the end of the second week and we've pretty much for the most part accomplished that. I'd say we had in 75% of the offense. We're trying to work on our base offense and get good before we add our deception and things like that.

Overall satisfaction of the offense this spring?
I think we have a good group of kids and I think our leadership has stepped forward and I think that is good. We're playing with a little confidence right now and to me that is 90% of things. It's really an important part of the game. We're not there yet, we have a long way to go but we have some guys that can make plays but we have some areas we need to shore up and get better at. Are we improving? Yes we are.

Talk about the improvement along the offensive line
No question that group has got to come together and they are making a move in the right direction now. They are just like everyone else, they are not where they need to be ultimately but they are definitely making strides in the right direction. I've been happy with them, we have a very athletic group there and I think coach Cummings does a good job with those guys and it isn't going to happen overnight. We'll need the remainder of spring practice and all of fall camp believe me.

What scheme changes or adjustments do you see you may emphasize this upcoming season?
One of the things we didn't do a good enough of a job last year is getting the ball to our receivers in an effort to make plays. That has probably been our top emphasis. We need to create ways to get the ball in their hands and allow them to make plays on the edge and in the open field. You'll see a lot of quick passes and screen passes mixed in with down the field throws and as we are able to do all those things we become more complete and more difficult to defend.

Are you happy with the progress of the quarterbacks this spring?
They are all a year older and a year more mature and have been in the system a year longer. Chad Munson understands a lot more about the offense. Blayne Baggett has had a great offseason and Jon Drach has improved during the offseason. We have three guys that I think bring a lot to the table and I am very happy with the progress of them all. I'm also not going to say that we are where we need to be. That position needs to improve but they are making some plays and they are understanding a lot better what we want to do with the football and that is a big part of it.

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