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Following the Broncos baseball team's 6-5 win over the Michigan Wolverines on Tuesday to start Western Michigan University's Centennial Celebration, Mark Rasmussen and Joe Zacharzewski talked to the media. Rasmussen talked about the game, how it felt to be playing so well, and about the Broncos being the best collegiate team of the five major schools in the state of Michigan. Zacharzewski talked about the game, starting the Centennial Celebration and about the Broncos schedule.

Mark Rasmussen

Do you want to talk about the game a little bit?

"It was a good game. I don't know, we put things together when we needed to and it worked out for us, we got a win."

I talked to coach and neither team wanted to give an inch it seemed.

"Yeah, it's true. It was a hard fought nine innings that's for sure and back-and-forth but we stuck in there, played tough and got a win."

How's it feel, you guys are two games over five hundred after starting out on a real tough schedule, you guys are playing coming down the stretch?

"We've been playing a lot better lately and it's tough starting 0 and eight. But we rebounded pretty good and trying to make most of the season and I think we have."

How's it feel to be the best collegiate baseball team in the state of Michigan? The reason I say that is, you guys beat Michigan twice took four of five from Central, beat State and split with Eastern Michigan.

"It feels good. Have a little bragging rights but we got a long ways to go still and we know what we got to do. So it should be fun."

Joe Zacharzewski

Do you want to talk about the game a little bit?

"Yeah, it was a big win for us. It was a big day. The athletic department put a lot into this and it was good to come out with a win especially against Michigan the second time around and beating them twice in one year it's always a good feeling. They've been a hot team, it's a good game for us and we've been playing well. "

Talk about being able to kickoff the Centennial Celebration here at the university with a victory over a Big Ten team like Michigan.

"It's a great feeling. We really don't get to do stuff like this a lot of the time with the baseball team and it's great having a lot of people out here supporting us and we just played well. We played a good game and was able to take it at the end."

How well did your first stretch of the season, when you guys were on the road, how'd that prepare you for the MAC schedule?

"I think that helped us a lot. As far as those three teams that we played at the beginning of the year we might have lost eight or nine games but they were probably the best teams that we've seen. As far as experience with a young team that always helps a lot."

It also kind of help build towards the next season and seasons down the road doesn't it?

"It really does. You've got to play teams like that. That's why I came here personally. You want to play the best teams around and playing Michigan a couple of times and getting to go down south and playing some SEC schools that's what it's all about. So definitely a good feeling."

How do you feel to get the, it was a sacrifice fly but you drove in the game winning run with it?

"It's always a good feeling. I actually didn't know that. I didn't even realize it but it's always a good feeling. It was a big game for us, a big day."

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