Coach Decker UM-UD Quotes

The Broncos baseball coach Fred Decker talked to the media following the Broncos 6-5 win over Michigan and their 5-4 loss to Detroit. Coach Decker talked about both games, about the throwing errors against Michigan and about lacking energy against Detroit.

Michigan Game Quotes

What a game, it seemed like neither wanted to give an inch.

"I know, nobody wanted to give an inch (laughing). I was really pleased with our pitchers. We don't normally make errors like this that just kept them in the game. Our errors kept them in the game. But, I'm happy for the win."

You and I talked before about the errors and stuff. It seems like the Northern Illinois series was one where you had a few errors and they took advantage of it. The fielding despite the throwing errors, the pitching just kept…

"The first one was a really tough play. That ball just went into the runner over there and it's a tough play, he's coming off real hard and they had a play just like that. We both benefited from a throw into the runner because guys were trying to make plays off balance. So that will happen, the other ones we should have never thrown the ball from after the ball got by him we should have never thrown the ball from there to throw it over into this dugout over here. Then of course that last one, Abro, he's a good fielder, he just didn't stay down."

What does it mean for you guys as a program to beat yet another, Big Ten team?

"Well we already beat them once this year. So we're like, somebody told me, I got an e-mail from somebody the other day saying "you guys ought to be playing in the Big Ten, you'd be leading it." I don't know what our record is but it's pretty good in the Big Ten. I think we lost to Illinois. I think that's the only game we lost in the Big Ten."

What does it mean to the baseball team to kickoff the Centennial Celebration with a win here against Michigan?

"I hope that means a lot to everybody here. It was a really nice crowd here today, I'm glad that it was an exciting game and I'm really glad we won."

Detroit Game Quotes

That was a tough game coach.

"Yeah, it was tough especially missing that chance in the last inning because that was one of the worse calls I've seen in a long time on the bases. But as I told the guys, we were not high energy today. I don't know whether we thought this was going to be a real easy game or not but we just didn't get anything going. We didn't get anything going. We had runners on base early, enough times to get something going and in their credit they made a couple of great plays in the outfield. So I think they played very well today."

In particular the guy diving out on that…

"Two catches in left field. Two catches in leftfield that were outstanding catches. They just beat us; I ain't got any excuses they just beat us. They played better than we did today. They pitched better than we did today."

I noticed a change in the lineup today.

"Yeah, Joe Zacharzewski is really sore. He's caught every game for about twenty-five games in a row and that was one of the big changes in we got to get him totally healthy. So that's the reason he didn't catch today. Then Matt Bolton's back is really bothering him again, so we just try to pick a place to use him and he got a big base hit to start that inning off. That's why he wasn't out there."

The guys played pretty good defensively today. It just seemed like there was a lot of hits right back up through middle.

"What our pitchers didn't do well today, I don't know if we threw a one-one strike. Every time it was one-one until maybe the last guy. They hit a whole bunch of pitches where they were ahead in the count and we had to just come in there and you know they didn't hit them with any power but like you said they hit them. They were singles up the middle and they hit the ball. So they earned it. They earned it. They played well."

Pretty good shot by Kevin (Kross).

"Yeah, Kevin really got on that because that wins blowing a little bit. Yeah that was a good shot. Really good shot. I was just hoping he could get a base hit that last time."

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