One-on-One with Snider

Brian Snider took the time recently to talk to Broncos Illustrated shortly after the Broncos name Coach Hawkins as the new head coach. Snider told us how he feels about the coaching change and how the change affected the team. He also takes a brief look at the 2003-2004 season.

What do you think of the coaching change bringing Coach Hawk into here?

"I'm very excited. I think, like coach said, we just got a little taste of excitement around here and of success. I think bringing him in here will make it a smooth transition for us to reach our ultimate goal which is the MAC Championship and the NCAA Tournament."

How has the coaching changes affected you guys as a whole team?

"At first I think we were pretty disappointed when Coach MAC left and it took us a couple of days to get that out of our system. I think when we kind of got word that Coach Hawk was a possible candidate for the job we were all pulling for him and as a team just supported him because we thought he was the best candidate to lead us. As far as affecting us, the coaching change, I don't know. It remains to be seen, really."

Coach Hawk was talking about how this whole thing came out around finals time. Did that add any extra stress to you guys as far as taking the finals and then learning that for the time being you had an interim coach instead of a head coach?

"I can't really speak for other people but for myself I didn't really feel any added pressure or any difficulty in preparing for the finals and stuff. So, I didn't really feel it fazed me one way or the other."

What's one of the best things you are looking forward to about playing for Coach Hawk?

"I think of him as a players coach. He's approachable; you can talk to him. I'm looking forward to; as he mentioned earlier, playing in maybe a more up tempo game and I think that will be fun. I don't know, Coach Hawkins is the one that primarily recruited me and I just think I have a good relationship with him and I'm just looking forward to it."

I was talking to Ben. He was talking about you guys reporting on June twenty six and starting to work on next season. Are you guys actually starting to look forward to next season, maybe doing better than what you did last season?

"Most definitely. We're not satisfied at all with where we got. While we're happy to be in the NIT, I think everybody believed in their hearts that we were going to be an NCAA Tournament team. So we kind of fell one step short. This year I have no doubt in my mind that we have the capability of being an NCAA Tournament team and right now that's what we are thinking about."

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