Marosi Returns to Michigan

After a good summer camp, Grand Rapids Catholic Central (Mich.) sophomore wide receiver Nick Marosi came back and saw a game at Michigan.

Grand Rapids Catholic Central's Nick Marosi was one of the few sophomores who was at Michigan for their exciting overtime win over Northwestern on Saturday.

The 6'2, 185-lb wide receiver first caught the eye of the Wolverines this summer.

"I did well at the camp. I went to Michigan's camp and so that's how I got in contact with the coaches," he explained.

The weekend visit was Marosi's first unofficial visit to any school, and he had a good time.

"I thought it was a great game. It was exciting to watch. I enjoyed how intense it was and the fans, how loud they were."

As for contact with the coaches, Marosi said, "Not much, I didn't have much of a chance."

Marosi also camped at Western Michigan, and plans to return to Kalamazoo to camp with the Broncos again this summer.

While he is young, Marosi has already made an impact, and the experience he has gained the first two years, will no doubt help him moving forward.

"I played last year as a freshman. It was a pretty tough transition because of how physical it was, how much bigger the kids were and it was pretty difficult playing with those kids, but I thought I did well. I made the transition and it wasn't that I was much smaller, I was pretty much the same size, they were just older than me."

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