Drach Fitting Into Backup Roll

Following a season of interchanging quarterbacks Chad Munson and Jon Drach, head coach Gary Darnell decided that he needed to stick with one starting QB for the 2003 season. That QB is Chad Munson, which moved Drach into a backup roll on the team.

Fans might expect that becoming the backup would be frustrating and even disheartening for a player that has been the starter before, but not for Bronco senior Jon Drach. A consummate team player and hard worker, Drach has taken his roll very seriously so far this season.

Being Chad Munson's backup is a big roll for Drach on game days. "I'm his eyes," said Drach. "I'm kind of his representation of the outside view. When you get in the game and your brain's running sometimes you're not always thinking about the same things, and I just bring him back down to earth."

That guidance is extremely valuable to a team especially this early in the season. Drach and Munson had conversations after almost every offensive series in the recent loss to Michigan State. Seeing what Munson can't see will only make the QB position stronger in the games to come.

In addition to helping Munson on the sidelines on game days, Drach takes game preparation very seriously. "You have to prepare just like you're going to play," said Drach. "You never know what's going to happen."

In the unlikely event of an injury to Munson, Drach knows the offense, and is ready to step in at a moments notice.

The team concept is a big part of Jon Drach. The desire to win is foremost on his mind. "Our goal every time is to score enough [points] to win," said Drach. "We need to get better from week 1 to week 2. We're looking at William & Mary right now, that's an opportunity [for Western Michigan] to get better."

Drach is also very impressed with the talent at some of the other positions on the team. "We have a ton of talent at the wide receivers, running backs, and tight ends," said Drach. "The [offensive] line does a good job, and the defense gets us the ball. It's nice to have all those weapons working for you and not against you."

Depth at quarterback is something the Broncos have as a luxary. Drach is firmly planted as the #2 QB, while Blayne Baggett and Robbie Haas serve as backups in case the injury bug plagues the team.

The future of the Broncos at QB is also in solid hands with Ryan Cubit, a transfer from Rutgers, becoming eligible next season to fight for the starting job with Baggett, Haas, and possibly current freshman Oseloka Keys.

Drach and Munson will team up the same way they did against MSU this Saturday night at 7pm when the Broncos host William & Mary on CommUniverCity Night at Waldo Stadium.

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