Fulfilling Potential

Watching Greg Jennings in practice it is apparent that he does not lack talent or speed. He has simply been waiting for an opportunity to put it on display. Saturday was the first extensive action he has seen in a Bronco uniform and Jennings lived up to the hype.

During fall camp I spoke with Greg Jennings' father at a practice and I asked him if Greg was ready for the season and his response was, "if they get him the ball he will produce for them." Jennings made a strong statement last weekend at Michigan State backing up his father's claim.

Jennings finished the game with 10 receptions for 107 yards and a pair of touchdowns in the 26-21 loss to the Spartans. Jennings felt the Spartans may not have been prepared for him to have a breakout game.

"I knew I needed to step up," said Jennings. "[Michigan State] didn't see me on film because I didn't play that much last year."

Jennings did step up, very early in the game as he broke a quick swing pass 45 yards for the Broncos opening score.

"We felt like we could have gone down field but we took what they gave us," added Jennings. "We knew sooner or later someone would slip one and I got one and scored."

With the Bronco running attack stifled all afternoon, Chad Munson and the Western Michigan offense was forced to move the ball through the air. Munson completed 30 of 50 pass attempts for 333 yards and the two scores to Jennings. Munson was harassed all day by Spartan defenders but Jennings felt happy with the play of his quarterback.

"We need to get Chad some more time," said Jennings. "We as an offensive unit need to click more and work on the things that count in crunch time."

Despite the loss, the Broncos showed promise on offense and the passing game in particular. Jennings felt they moved the ball through the air as expected.

"We knew their secondary was young like ours and we just tried to go after it."

Even with the loss, Jennings is optimistic that the season can still be a success for the Broncos.

"We feel it was a good starting point, coach talked to us and told us to be proud and move on knowing we can move on and win the next game. That's what we have to do, move on to the next game and learn from our mistakes."

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