Post-Game Quotes: Gary Darnell

Following the Broncos 56-24 win over William & Mary the Broncos Head Coach Gary Darnell talked to the press. He shared his thoughts on the Tribe, game preparation, and a record setting night.

On the week of preparation:

"My impression of getting ready to play William & Mary was exactly what I thought it was going to be like as far as our week of practice preparation during the week. When we did the set-ups, long balls kept showing up in our practice, and I thought very seldom does your practice look much different then how your game's going to be. The same thing, consequently, was happening with our defense."

"There are 2 things you do when you put a game plan together. One you take the game plan and you go after them, or two you just take your defense and you know how good it is and you just know what your defense is capable of doing, where the soft spots are and what your strengths are. If you know what [the opponents] are doing you can be much more aggressive attacking on offense, but if you don't you got to make sure the fundamentals of your defense are covered."

"We've been working against an 8-man front [on defense] since this spring. We're an 8-man front, Michigan State was an 8-man front, and now William & Mary is an 8-man front. There's only so many ways you can line that up."

On William & Mary:

"All week long I kept seeing a little slip here and a little slip there and I knew we wasn't really zeroed in on [the Tribe 2-back offense]. I didn't know if we were going to be able to blitz our selves out of it, and Musinski, I thought we would have a hard time finding out where he was and getting matched up. I thought [Tribe head coach] Laycock did a great job. They had us on the ropes."

"They are a first class program in every way. And that's what I expected and they gave us all we could handle. They got a good trip out of this, and we learned some lessons from [the game]."

On the secondary not giving up a first down in the second quarter:

"That's what's supposed to happen. But I know coach Bumpas and myself will be frustrated with our selves, we could have gotten it done a little bit faster, but I felt like it could happen."

"I was concerned because every time I looked up for a while they were a play ahead of us, and then it came around to the point we were at least even-Steven and we may have even gotten ahead of them a little bit."

On coaches Rock and Bumpas:

"I trust Brian Rock as far as offense and play calling the game, and I certainly trust Dick Bumpas being a good play caller."

On Chad Munson's record setting game:

"That's got to be his best game. Even when he was at Compton Junior College, and the tapes we saw of that, he was throwing the ball the same way but it was simple match-ups with them. But he was going through reads, making plays, doing all the things [tonight]."

"There was a level of sophistication there that I'm sure he's never, ever really done before."

"I'm sure I'll get a call from [former WMU QB Tim] Lester tomorrow… maybe tonight."

On the offensive line:

"There's no question there's a long way to go there, but, for us to do what we're doing, throwing the football, our emphasis in practices a lot more for protection then it is for running. As the passing game continues to go and we get more looks, then our running game's going to be much more viable yet."

"I don't think we're there yet, but without any doubt we're going to be there."

On the early game dropped passes:

"I was on the sideline and thought ‘now Gary you went and got too greedy and you're going to cost yourself a football game here,' but then when we caught one I thought ‘well maybe it will work itself out here.'"

"You gotta connect. If you don't connect then it'll be a nightmare."

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