Into The Fire

Mike Giorgianni joined the Broncos from West Valley College only three months before fall practice and he has already found himself in the starting lineup. The depleted depth at linebacker has forced Giorgianni to learn the ropes quickly and he has accumulated eight tackles thus far, three being for a loss.

How did you end up at Western Michigan?
I went to the junior college combine and I was speaking with coach Bumpas in April and they signed me in late May.

How many years of eligibility do you have remaining?
They were really thin and they told me I wasn't going to redshirt when I got here. I'm a 3-for-2 guy but it doesn't look like I'll redshirt this year.

How was the adjustment for you from JUCO to playing Division I ball?
The speed of the game is a little bit faster. From high school to JUCO was a big jump for me but the only difference here is probably the offensive linemen, which are bigger. The running backs and receivers are at about the same speed.

What about playing in a 4-2-5 defense?
This is the most complicated defense I've played in for sure and it took me a little while to learn. I'm getting used to it. At first I was real timid out there trying not to screw up. I was thinking about what to do too much and now I know what I am doing and I have confidence out there.

Coming in so late how did your teammates respond?
The linebackers welcomed me pretty good but the others wanted to see what I could do first before they welcomed me. As the season has progressed they have taken me in.

What are your thoughts on the Centennial game this weekend?
Virginia will be exciting, I'll be ready to play. Michigan State was a big team and we went in there and did well and stayed right with them so we should be fine this weekend. Virginia is a two-back offense and they'll be running the ball a lot so they'll be testing the linebackers a lot. We'll see if we can shut them down.

Who else did you consider before choosing the Broncos?
I had some I-AA and Division II schools that were after me but this was the only I-A school that offered me so I took it.

What will you be studying here?
I'm studying Marketing.

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